Useful Links

Creative Commons -licensing our creative work

APA reference from the Purdue Owl website

Everything’s a Remix -copyright information to keep in mind when using new literacies

Grow Your Personal Learning Network by David Warlick – An incredibly helpful guide full of good reminders about why we need a PLN and how to start and use our PLN well.

Creating neat and useful infographics

More links to creating infographics

Ifttt -information on how to set up “recipes” to get the internet to arrange tech actions for you!

e-resource for learning: elearn Magazine

UDL Principals  – How to use technology to meet the needs of all students (Universal Design of Learning). Can’t live without this website!

Sir Ken Robinson video about changing education paradigms

Techie Brekkie  and New School Technology  informative, user-friendly, teacher-created blogs about integrating technology into classrooms.

Backing up information

Making Lessons Stick!

Gapminder -making statistics become stories and sticky!

Write, Do, Say – formative assessment with technology ideas

Great12 and Great 13 websites for useful resources

Kidblogs – organize class blogs for students

Helpful Twitter Handles:


#Colorincolorado– curates the type of news or articles that interest you, like in a Pinterest format.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives– a site for online math manipulatives and is organized by grade level.

App Evaluation– a useful resource to help critique apps prior to use with students.

TED-ed Flipped Classroom– TED helps you organize a flipped lesson.

Share My Lesson – a useful site to share work with other teachers, free.

CAST-UDL learning tools

21 Things 4 Students– a useful site for helping students find resources regarding 21st Century learning skills