What Students and Parents Say

All of the following anecdotes were taken with permission of my students’ parents. (Contact information is available upon request.) I am humbled and honored to read their thoughts about my classroom.

There are million reasons why being in Ms. McSweeney’s class is really fun but I just want to tell some of them. She really cares for her students and she gives all of us the same importance. She always smiles and gives us a positive energy. She brings cool, interesting, confused and fun things. She never allows us to get bored in the lesson, so she makes games for us. She thinks that we all must have fun and learn everything well! She never leaves us in a big difficulty, she always helps us to get better. Also when she reads I feel that, I am in that story. She gives all of us a chance to do the reader’s theater. Most teachers have done a mistake and this mistake can be big or small, but I have never seen a mistake from her. Also if she thinks that she has done something wrong she always apologizes. These are some reasons why I like to be in her class.

-Irem, former 5th Grade Student

I am very pleased to see that my son is both learning in and enjoying Language Arts Class this year.   You put a lot of effort to help students to keep track of what you are doing in class and what you expect from them. The posts you put to Edmodo are not just for homework or exams but also additional information for interested students with regard to topics that you are covering in class and it is an excellent method  of opportunity learning. My son enjoys studying for his exams with online games that you post.  I believe Class Dojo also helps students to recognize their behavior and improve constantly. These two methods are also great help for school-home communication.  I am really impressed with your work, you are very enthusiastic. I hope one day my  son experiences similar methods of learning and enthusiasm for Turkish courses as well.

-Pinar, 5th Grade Student Parent

You are a teacher that I always have joy in your lessons. Even before exams, we learn by having fun. I‘ve never forgotten the day that you taught us by using an American football ball. When we are bored you always found a way to get us happy. I always liked you and will like you.

-Alper, former 5th Grade Student

Thanks for your smile,understanding and everything from the beginning of this year. My son loved you, liked L.A., he (wasn’t) afraid of your exams and he always talked about you, your sentences, your words, your husband, your jokes…..

-Sare,  former 5th Grade Student Parent

Ms. McSweeny was my Language Arts teacher for two years. She worked hard to improve our English. In Language Arts we read 7 – 8 books in the period of time she taught us…Most of the time, she was serious  but she told us stories which made us understand  the content of the book we were reading and made the lessons more fun.

-Arda,  former 5th and 6th Grade Student

Ms. McSweeney is a real great teacher.  I have been her student for two years. She helped me a lot at KET exam, seventy percent of our class got merit. She thought us how to write a simple paragraph, she organised activities for us in the class for long books and vocabulary words … and we made researches for our projects with a lot help of Ms. Mc Sweeney and presented them. We filled our boards in the class with our amazing  projects…She is a very well structured and helpful teacher. I feel so lucky to have a such great teacher.

-Alp, former 5th and 6th Grade Student

Ms. McSweeney has always been polite and informative to me as a parent. She had built the trust that everything was in control of my daughter’s English. I was impressed with her follow-up skills. She was reading and giving feedback to every (entry) that the students wrote. She was motivating my child to write and improve.  I remember her as a principled, responsible and self-motivated teacher of my daughter. I find my child lucky that she had teacher like Ms. McSweeney.

-Didem, former 5th Grade Student Parent

Ms. McSweeney was one of the best teachers I’ve ever seen. I did have so much fun when I was in her class. Every lesson we had fun but also she kept our attention to the lesson. She gave us sweet treats, played games and read books with us. In addition to this, I was sitting next to her in the Çanakkale trip which made me to get to know her better. I’m so lucky to be one of her students. She helped me to improve my English so much.  It was an opportunity for me to have a really good teacher. 

-Asli, former 5th Grade Student

I just wanted to say thank you for being my teacher.  I remember I didn’t speak, write or read English.  Thanks to you now I know English and not only I thank you for that, I thank you too, because now I have better opportunities in this country.  Now I have my family. I am married and I have one kid.  I have a really good job because of the opportunity you gave me to learn English.  I am always going to thank you. 

-Cristian, former 4th and 5th Grade Student

We see you as a very nice, well-prepared and kind person that really enjoys helping others. We have a beautiful memory of you. You are an excellent teacher, excellent person, we even consider you a friend. We love the fact that you helped our daughter go through a really tough time and that you were always there to support her and guide her through the right path. We are now back in Mexico, but we always remember you. Whenever we talk about our life in the United States, we mention your name and what you did for us. We will always thank you for all your support! 

-The Avalos Family, former 5th Grade student family

I think you were very enthusiastic and outgoing and your lessons were well explained and also very clear. I learned how to count, how to tell time, how to sound out words, and lastly how to behave and treat others with respect. By the way I want to thank you for all that. Because of you I am doing good in life…you are still my favorite teacher. 

-Z.A., former 4th Grade Student

I had the most wonderful time in your Spanish-English class. In my opinion, your class saved me from going crazy. When I first got to your class I felt relieved, in my only english class I was sad, sick and tired of not being able to understand what the teacher was saying, so going to your class was the best thing that ever happened to me. You were an excellent teacher, I remember you would help everybody with a smile on your face. You made a difficult English class become a fun and helpful class. And even when I wasn’t in your class anymore, I knew I could always go up to you whenever I needed it. I also really enjoyed having you as my cheerleading coach because you were the one who put the spirit of cheer in me, and now thanks to you it’s part of my life! Thank you very much for everything! I love you and will always remember you! 

-Grecia, former 5th Grade Student