Data Visualization Quickfire

After watching David McCandless’ TED Talk we learned just how helpful visual numbers are. In his words you want to make the numbers “effortless[ly] pour in” to our viewers.

Here are some great examples used to get me thinking about how and what I want to convey in my Infographic.

I tried using manyeyes. I can’t explain just how tricky it was to get started. I had a hard time getting my data imported. Once I did, my computer wouldn’t load the visualizations that I had intended. Once switching my security controls, Safari would only open visualizations. At that point, I just borrowed a classmate’s data to actually see some visualizations come to life. I attempted to sort my data by three factors, indicating which American charity would be the best to give your money to in terms of money reaching the people that need it.

Here is what I was able to create in a few minutes, once I got some data to manipulate. With that said, it does help us easily see how far our money will go in what popular charities.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 11.40.37 AM


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