Photoshop Album Cover

This week, in Week One of our third summer overseas with MAET, we were given the challenge of creating a new album cover for our (made-up) band. We took results from random searches to get our band’s name, album’s title, and album’s cover picture. It was up to us to design an effective album cover using our recently acquired Photoshop skills. This is what I came up with, after a few minutes of toying around with my results in photoshop.

I was lucky that my photo showed an older man, looking weathered and not-so-smooth. Using “Love Never Did Run Smooth” was offset with the texture of his forehead, as if it was on his mind, remembering his past loves or some kind of unfinished (love) business. “Pembroke Township” is the name of the band, and its placement on the album cover, I believe stands out because it is a type of anchor, in the corner of the cover.

For having limited time with Photoshop, I was pleased with my ability to modify text particularly. I was unhappy with the limited font selection, however, overall, felt lucky to have a colorful and crisp image to offset my text with.

Jillian's Album Cover



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