Making Decisions as Educators and Leaders

It’s important that as educators, we take leadership roles in our school communities and challenge products and ideas that cross our school’s doorway. We must be informed, critical consumers of research. According to Willingham’s book When Can you Trust the Experts?…we should follow these steps in analyzing and deciding on products or ideas that seem like good (and massive) school adoptions within our peripheral sense:

1. Strip it and Flip it

2. Trace it

3. Analyze it

4. Decision

Our group used Willingham’s steps and researched BrainGym. We found that the website was aimed at our emotional connections and played to our peripheral knowledge of how beneficial movement is in learning. The site makes big claims without any statistical backing or reference to supportive research. However, the founder Paul Dennison, has no medical training and the research mentioned online is misleading. Unfortunately, this BrainGym curriculum has been adopted around the world without educators questioning the adoption. 


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