App Evaluation and Ch. 2 Book Club

To reinforce our important details about factual knowledge from Ch. 2 of Willingham’s book, we were presented with the challenge of locating apps for learning, look at them with a critical eye, and to write a professional review on the app in the App Store. In theory, if we know how to select apps with a critical eye, we, as educators, then are more able to create a deeper level of knowledge, in helping our students build up their factual knowledge bank–given they can use those apps.

My Language Arts group decided to review some grammar apps, as our students need to build more factual knowledge in grammar structures we agreed. One app that I looked closely at was Grammar Express: Parts of Speech. Some affordances of this app are that: students can change the time allowed to complete grammar quiz questions, the quiz feature offers instant feedback to the students, and lastly, there is some help offered to play the app correctly. The constraints include that the app is directed to native English speakers, and advanced ones at that–the students would need context knowledge to complete such difficult questions. 

This rubric helped us to choose apps with our teachery eyes.