Juxtaposing In and Out of School Tensions with Pixlr

We were asked to use the tech tool Pixlr to create a juxtaposition of a tension that exists in school and out of school.

The tension that I have chosen to illustrate was the expectation of completing homework. On one hand, the school in which I work must give homework. In fact, the amount of homework given is considered a product of what our school parents pay for in our private school. Children bring home A LOT of it. However, the other side of the situation is the homework is really unrealistic to complete–or not thought of as necessary to complete once home. In any case, it usually doesn’t get done by any of the teachers’ standards: sometimes tutors complete homework, sometimes homework answers are copied directly off of the internet, or sometimes, it is done but seems of no use to the students once completed.

My proposed images for my tension are below.


As you can see, I didn’t have the chance to represent the tension’s image, uniting the two photos in Pixlr. Pixlr was extremely difficult for me to operate without any guidance. After a lot of play, I had to rely on my neighboring peers to even start my project on Pixlr’s workspace. With what little time I had left to produce something, I still didn’t have an image that communicated this school tension. I think Pixlr is something that I would like to spend some more time on learning because it’s benefits of photo editing are useful for teaching purposes. However, I will need to set aside a chunk of time and make effort in understanding it, as it is not user-friendly.


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