Is the Internet Changing the Way I Think?

(Post John Brockman Article Presentations)

The internet has become this powerful, multidimensional tool that we all seem to not be able to live without. As many readings suggested, we are constantly connected to it, it shapes our work, our free time, our entertainment, and now, reorganizes our memory. I agree that it is an extension of our memory and an extension of what we have waiting for us, to learn.

I organize tasks differently with the internet. I check and compare my work, emotions, and thoughts with others online. I’m presented with new communities now, that I otherwise wouldn’t be connected to without the internet, like both DiBona and Kosslyn suggest in my readings. So in a sense, the internet changes the way I construct and synthesize ideas. It changes the way I plan projects, organize my life. It helps me determine what matters most and how to best be prepared for situations. With all of this in consideration, I must admit, it does change the way I think, maybe not in the structures of my brain, but in the way I can control my thoughts/plans/arrangements, from the outside.

That’s not to say though, that I shouldn’t not commit ideas to my long term memory. Remembering certain details like favorite movie or song facts, vacation photos, relatives birthdays, etc. matter to me. I don’t want to leave those types of items disconnected from my memory. They make me unique and shape the characteristics that I embody. And for me, those are unique thoughts, unlike DiBona’s point in his article Ephemera and Back Again in the Brockman book (2011). I do agree that unique thoughts should be kept in long term memory, whether it’s located on or off of a browser.

Also reinforced for me now, too, after many articles that have been presented in this book, that in internet is a relatively new and ever-developing entity. I need to continue to choose and synthesize my information incredibly carefully and model the same in my classroom for my students. As the internet grows and evolves, it will become even more necessary to navigate wisely and mold unique thoughts, to be kept on and offline.


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