National Center on UDL

Today we reviewed what Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is, what it looks like with TPCK, and what it would look like in our classes. We were given the challenge to choose two principles for our individual teaching context and find five tech solutions for each. Here are my fantastic finds! Hope to use all of them sometime soon!

Guideline 2: Provide options for language/mathematics/symbols

  2.1: Clarify vocabulary and symbols; 2.5: Illustrate through multiple media

Top 5 Tools for Guideline 2: Visuwords; Shahi; Tagxedo; Search Cube; WatchKnowLearn

Guideline 3: Provide multiple means of engagment

      8.3: Foster Communication and Collaboration; 8.1 Heighten salience of goals and objectives

Top 5Tools for Guideline 3: Glogster, CoSketch, ePals, Slatebox, teAchnology


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