ISTE Teacher Standards and Infographics


Here is my very unfinished and first-ever infographic! I used to make it, which is more user-friendly than expected. That’s not to say there isn’t any trouble-shooting that you may have to get comfortable with. However, it should be a super tool to present information to my class and create information as a class or in partner work. I think in general, after much procedure-practice within my classroom, I would like to keep this as a solid tool that my students could revert to complete assignments about their reading comprehension activities.

My infographic is designed to look like some sort of a Candy Land game board that teachers beginning their path creating an PLN can follow and jump around on. The pictures represent some of the verbs in the Teachers’ skills and standards from ISTE, and ideally, I’d like to add other snippets of ideas that build off of the standards, as well as change the text to be a little reader-friendly.


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